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Furry Puppet

Puppetry and Building

Frequently Asked Questions
-Yes, puppets are super fun.

-Yes, we embody the character, frequently providing movement and voice.

-Yes, I build many of the puppets I perform.

-Yes, I've always wanted to do this.

-Yes, puppets aren't exclusive to children.
-No, I'm not ruining your childhood, I'm making your adult life manageable.

Frozen Olaf Disney Character Game Movie

Art and Storyboarding

We have the opportunity to see the world through someone else's eyes in art. Storyboarding provides the cast and crew the director's vision and gets everyone focused on the ultimate storytelling goal.

Tangled Disney Thug

Media and Voice Over

The most amazing part about our work is the ability to tell stories that unify, excite and inspire us to aspire.
Check out some of the projects I've contributed to as a performer, voice over artist or Assistant Director.


The Happytime Murders

I was fortunate to work a few days on The Happytime Murders with Brian Henson, directing, Melissa McCarthy both producing and starring. NOT FOR KIDS. Now playing!


I'm currently puppeteering alongside Jim Carrey and Michel Gondry in Kidding as series for Showtime. More information coming soon!

Splash and Bubbles

A true highlight of my career has been working on PBS Kids series, Jim Henson's Splash and Bubbles. I play 11 different digital puppets on the show about tolerance, conservancy and learning about our oceans. Fun for the whole family!

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